Thursday, January 08, 2009

The American Plan Opens in Previews on Broadway

I saw "The American Plan" last night at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre starring Kieran Campion, Austin Lysy, Brenda Pressley, Lily Rabe and the wonderful Mercedes Ruehl. I have to tell you that the show held my attention from beginning to end with some great performances, particularly Tony Award winner Merceded Ruehl and Lily Rabe(daughter of Jill Clayburgh). Lots of secrets and lies, twists and turns and it left me with the feeling at intermission that the best was yet to come and someone was still lieing! Well the second act failed to deliver the knockout punch, yet the show is enjoyable overall.
The show is Set in the Catskills, in the summer of 1960. By the shore of a lake, Lili Adler, the troubled twenty-year-old daughter of a wealthy German-Jewish refugee, meets Nick Lockridge, a golden young man who looks to her as if "nothing ever happened to him." Over the summer, Lili comes to view Nick as her savior and Nick's fondness for Lili grows; but to Eva, Lili's domineering mother, Nick is an object of suspicion which must be removed from Lili’s life. As the romance blossoms between Nick and Lili, Eva concludes that it is an unfortunate condition that must be indulged before it can be destroyed. Eva knows she will find out something about Nick which will unmask his unworthiness. To find it, she patiently manipulates Nick's revelations about his past to prove him unfit for Lili. By plays end, time, past injuries, and the imperatives of history will conspire to bear out Eva's declaration that happiness exists "but it's for other people." Whew!!?? Any Questions?? You have to go see for yourself to see how this craziness turns out!
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