Friday, January 09, 2009

West Side Story Opens Out of Town in DC to Rave Reviews!

Look out "South Pacific", there's a brand spankin new revival about to hit town and it's coming in with glowing reviews! The first Broadway bound revival of "West Side Story" since 1980, and the first preview is set for February 23rd and is scheduled to open March 19 at the Palace Theater. I'm so excited about this I can't tell you! I just spoke with one of the great gals at the Palace theatre and she tells me that she hasn't seen a show this busy before it even opens in previews in quite a very long time! Weekends are practically sold out the next few months. Not to worry kids! Applause Theatre Service has tickets on sale now for all performances at the best prices around. Here are some of the reviews that have come in and some pictures to tease you with;
[ V ] West Side StoryReview By PAUL HARRIS
He's done it just right -- a sincere and energetic production that still dazzles with Jerome Robbins' riveting choreography and the landmark Bernstein-Sondheim score. It could be the perfect tonic for Broadway's economic blues.
[ BSUN ] Revved-up 'West Side Story' gets a trial run in Washington By Mary Carole McCauley
This production could move exactly as it is to the Great White Way tomorrow and be a success. If Laurents and his collaborators can fix a few problems in the second act, there will be no stopping it. West Side Story might well be Broadway's next big hit, and the mesmerizing Karen Olivo, who plays Anita, could be its next big star.
[ WP ] Voices Of the Barrio By Peter Marks
It's in the nature of the run-up to Broadway to catalogue what works in a new production and what may not. Thanks to the young bodies in thrilling motion, and the discovery Laurents has made in his exciting choice for Maria, this "West Side Story" has some potent moves in its playbook, even if everyone is not yet on the same page.
[ WT ] 'West Side's' dynamic revival by Jayne Blanchard
But musical confuses modern styles with '50s-era elements
[ DCE ] Una nueva 'West Side Story' By Barbara Mackay
[ WSJ ] I've Just Met a Girl Named Josefina By ELLEN GAMERMAN
A revival of 'West Side Story' bets on a little-known actress from Argentina

So that should get your Broadway juices flowing! Get ready for those goose bumps and call an Applause Sales Expert now at 800-451-9930.

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