Thursday, January 15, 2009

Waiting for Godot comes to Broadway

What do you get when you combine two very funny comic actors from New York and Samuel Beckett's comical wordplay of poetry? It's simple friends. The revival of Waiting for Godot starring Bill Irwin as Vladimir and Broadway's regular "funnyman" Nathan Lane as Estragon are set to begin previews on April 3, 2009 at the Studio 54 Theater in New York City.

The original production of Waiting for Godot played 51 years ago and it was most recently revived in 1988 with Steve Martin and Robin Williams playing the lead roles. This new production also has John Goodman, David Strathairn and Matthew Schecter appearing too. Wow, what a cast!

In Waiting for Godot, we see two tramps waiting for a person named Godot on a barren stretch of road but Godot never arrives. Although the two men claim to know Godot, they really hardly know him at all. They even say they wouldn't reconize him if they saw him. While they wait for him, to keep themselves busy- they eat, sleep, talk, argue, sing, play games, exercise and even discuss suicide. The show is subject to the viewer's interpretation as they search for mankind's never-ending search for meaning.

This production of Waiting for Godot should be quite popular with anyone who attends Broadway Shows regularly. This classic Beckett play along with a once in a lifetime chance to see a spectacular cast all together on stage at Studio 54 will be unforgettable indeed.

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