Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Broadway Theater Ticket Experts at Your Service

I was just reading a business blog written by Seth Godin at http://www.sethgodin.com/sg/. The blog post is called "Where have all the agents gone"? Seth talks about how many "middlemen" types there are in the service business- travel agents, stockbrokers, real estate agents, ticket brokers and other agent types are often being bypassed by consumers using a computer. He says the airlines stopped paying travel agents commissions because they were making more than the airlines themselves. He also infers that some homeowners don't want to pay real estate brokers the 6 % commission or so that they usually charge for their services.

Mr. Godin points out that anyone in the service business that simply helps you find "a human approximation of Google" probably won't be needed in the very near future. I wholeheartedly agree with him on this.

Our company provides theater tickets to all the Broadway Shows in New York. So do hundreds of others. So why use our company Applause Theater Service? Anyone can search dozens of web sites and see hundreds of different seating selections but why use Applause. Mr. Godin talks about service organizations using a "differentiated service". One that is worth paying for of course.

At Applause, we focus our area of expertise on Broadway Shows, not every event in the country. Most ticket web sites try to be all things to all people, selling every event one can buy a ticket for but being "expert" at very little. This is where Applause comes in. Sure we can secure tickets for the Super Bowl or the Big East Tournament or even get you seats to any baseball game to any stadium in the country. But could we possibly know everything about every event and have expert knowledge of every layout of every stadium or theater in the entire country? Could anyone really? Of course not, that's why we keep our focus on Broadway theater.

Applause subscribes to Seth Godin's basic philosophy regarding "agents" of any kind. Sure we sell theater tickets. Like I said, lots of companies do.

Here's the difference in using Applause. When someone calls Applause looking for tickets to shows on Broadway, we spend time talking to you on the phone first. Then we ask questions so that we can offer the best seating arrangements at the best prices. Lots of ticket companies just list tons of seat locations and a basic theater map. Most of the time many of the seat locations and prices start to look blurry to a shopper, adding confusing to the decision making process of "which tickets should I buy". Seating is just one area of concern for ticket buyers. What about price? Did you know that most of the time people pay more for tickets to Broadway and to other Nationwide Events than they have to? A little conversation can go a long way friends. A transaction is not something we think will separate us from the thousands of others selling tickets for Broadway. Personal service will.

Yes a little thing like personal service can go a long way to help a potential customer trust us with their ticket needs, and not a competitor. Like talking on the phone. Taking our time to inform and educate a shopper about the available options in ticket buying.

It comes down to TRUST and ADDING VALUE as Mr. Godin often refers to. People want to buy from companies that are truthful and offer real, good "old fashioned" customer service. Like in the old days.

At Applause, I personally spend as much time making restaurant suggestions to people shopping with our service. I can't tell you how many customers are so happy to have a service that suggests good places to eat before the theater as well as suggestions on shopping, sightseeing and other "things to do in New York City". People can always find tickets at lower prices but the "value" that Applause adds with our wealth of knowledge to "everything in New York City" is the single biggest factor that clearly separates us from the pack of other ticket sellers.

All you have to do is shop around and then let us be of service whenever your plans include seeing a Broadway show, dining and anything else you want to do in New York. Although I guess I'm asking you to trust us (and we don't even know each other yet), I will give you my personal guarantee that once you try our ticket service, you'll be glad you did.

Oh, I almost forgot, in case you want to call us, Applause's local number is 212-307-7050 or you can call toll free at 800-451--9930. Applause is an officially New York State licensed ticket agency that has been providing a personal ticket service for over 21 years now. Here's a link to our testimonials page from "real customers" like you.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Rich Gladstone
Applause Theater Service
311 West 43rd Street, suite 601
New York, New York 10036
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