Friday, March 13, 2009

If You Haven't Seen Shrek-The Musical, What Are You Waiting For??

Shrek is the Swamp King of Broadway! At least that's what I believe and I'm sure Shrek himself believes. Shrek is a fabulous new musical extravaganza that seems to be struggling a bit at the box office right now, probably due to the obvious, our bad economy maybe?! It's just a matter of bad timing for the show. If this show had opened up a few years ago, this would be the monster hit it's supposed to be and should be. No pun intended. The cast is amazing. Heck, it has the Queen of Broadway herself, Miss Sutton Foster and Mr Showstopper himself Christopher Sieber who I loved in Monty Python's Spamalot. Everyone that I send to see this show enjoys it immensely. You'll laugh till it hurts and never once be bored! Dreamworks went all out for their first ever venture on Broadway and spent millions on sets and costumes. The movie is one of the highest grossing films in the history of motion pictures and I feel this show deserves to run on Broadway and become one of the best and longest running family shows ever. And adults, just know that this show ain't just for the kiddies! Most of the humor actually is for an older audience.
Anyway, make an effort to check this show out this Spring and Summer. You won't be disappointed! If it is the tough times that's holding you back from coming into New York to see it, fear not! Applause Theatre Service has access to what we call our Insider Deal where we can offer great discounted deals on most performances for the very best seats. Just call an Applause Sales Expert now at 800-451-9930 and we'll hook you up! Come on, we can all use a happy break and take a visit to Shrek Land!

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