Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hair: An American Tribal Love-Rock Musical Returns to Broadway

Would you believe me if I told you that I danced with one of the young actresses tonight at the Al Hirschfeld Theater? I also got a hug from another actress at the end of this fantastic revival of HAIR, billed as an "American Tribal Love-Rock Musical". It's true friends. What a wonderful night at the theater.

The original production played at the Public Theater, produced by the incomparable Joseph Papp and the New York Theater Festival in October 1967. Hair then transferred to Broadway in 1968 and opened to rave reviews. The show has played all over the world and was made into a motion picture in 1979. The Public Theater brought Hair back for a limited run in the summer of 2008, as part of its free Shakespeare in the Park season. After garnering rave reviews, it seemed only natural to bring Hair back to Broadway once again. Hair, the revival of one of the greatest rock musicals ever, returns to Broadway and opens to critics reviews on Tuesday March 31, 2009.

Famous recording artists like Diana Ross, Shirley Bassey, Liza Minelli, Three Dog Night and The Fifth Dimension have recorded popular songs like "Aquarius", Good Morning Starshine", "Hair" and "Let The Sunshine In".

Mr. Papp often produced shows that were dealing with the most controversial issues of the day. The original production of Hair was quite controversial, dealing with the radical representation of that time's "counterculture". One that included the use of different "lingo", style of dress and the hippie lifestyle of that era, as well as the anti-war movement of the 1960's.

Although over 40 years have gone by since this fantastic show first played on Broadway, Hair has got my vote for "Best Revival" at this years Tony Awards that air in June. Let me tell you why.

The cast of this production of Hair sings, dances and creates an unbelievable amount of positive and uplifting energy. Throughout the entire two and one half hour show, this ensemble conveys the sense that they really are a very special "tribe". You not only get the feeling that they are clearly celebrating the hope, joy, love and freedom in their lives but they manage to "include" their audience and take us along with them as well. I was told when I bought my tickets that audience members are asked to dance in the aisle or on stage and I guess it was my lucky night. Dozens of my fellow audience members were asked to join the "love fest" on stage at the Al Hirschfeld Theater tonight. We all had so much fun. You simply need to experience it for yourself if you get a chance.

If you would like to talk about the revival of Hair or possibly obtain seats for the show, you can contact Applause Theater Service in New York. They are a local expert and an officially licensed New York State ticket agency for Hair as well as all the shows playing on Broadway.

I have been fortunate to have seen several hundred shows in my life so far, enjoying most of them. But you know, tonight was something "extra special" for me. I wish everyone involved with the revival of Hair the most success. I can see this fantastic show garnering several Tony Awards. They truly deserve it.

Best wishes to my fellow theater lovers.
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