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"Exit the King" Starring Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon Opens to Rave Reviews!

I told you so! If you read my review last week of "Exit the King" you'd know that I pretty much nailed it. This show is brilliant and Geoffrey Rush gives one of the all time best performances ever on a Broadway stage! All the critics below agree with me and I've compiled all of them for your reading pleasure. Rush(no pun intended) to get your tickets to see this amazing piece of theatre with it's incredible cast. Call an Applause Theatre Service sales expert at 800-451-9930 NOW! Tickets are going fast;

"Exit the King":

[ NYT ] Sorry, Your Highness, but You're So Over By BEN BRANTLEY
This brutally funny revival of Eugène Ionesco's play stars Geoffrey Rush in a knockout performance.
[ AP ] A mesmerizing Geoffrey Rush sparks 'Exit the King' By MICHAEL KUCHWARA
We haven't seen a star turn like this in quite a while.
[ BS ] Exit the King - Reviewed by ERIK HAAGENSEN
This is a landmark production of a great play. Miss "Exit the King" at your peril.
[ DN ] Oh, what a Rush! Geoffrey Rush takes Broadway in 'Exit the King' by Joe Dziemianowicz (***)
[ USA ] Broadway's 'Exit the King' is a crowning achievement By Elysa Gardner (***1/2 out of four)
[ R ] Geoffrey Rush dazzles in Broadway debut By Frank Scheck (Hollywood Reporter)
Mainstream audiences might find themselves baffled by the strange goings-on in "King," but nobody will fail to recognize that they're seeing a great actor deliver a never-to-forget performance.
[ V ] Exit the KingReview By DAVID ROONEY
The play's relevance is secondary to the virtuoso work of its lead actor, who unleashes a dazzling arsenal of mime, clowning and physical techniques to swerve in an instant between comedy and pathos, keeping the audience riveted to him through every hairpin turn.
[ HC ] 'Exit The King' Resonates As Absurdist Farce By MALCOLM JOHNSON
In a tour-de-force comic performance, a barely recognizable Rush makes Berenger the ultimate royal buffoon-egomaniac.
[ ND ] Review: 'Exit the King' with Rush and Sarandon BY LINDA WINER
This inspired revival of Eugene Ionesco's seldom-seen 1962 absurdist tragicomedy has been conceived as the unlikely love child of a fractured fairy tale and "King Lear."
[ TONY ] Exit the KingReview by Adam Feldman
Every twist gets its turn in Neil Armfield's handsome new Broadway revival, thanks to the Australian actor Geoffrey Rush, who plays the evanescent king with unflagging virtuosity, blurring the lines between tragedian and clown.
[ TM ] Exit the King Reviewed by: Andy Propst
Geoffrey Rush, Susan Sarandon and Lauren Ambrose give excellent performances in Neil Armfield's beautifully calibrated revival of Eugene Ionesco's absurdist comedy.
[ BN ] Sarandon, Rush Clown Around in Ionesco Royal Farce: John Simon
If you enjoy clown shows, the new Australian production of "Exit the King" has everything but the sawdust.
[ AMNY ] Review of Exit the King by Matt Windman (3 out of 4 Stars)
[ TB ] Exit the King Review by Matthew Murray
If you have to go, go out with a bang, and few shows right now bang louder than this Exit the King.
[ NY1 ] Review: "Exit The King" By: Roma Torre
Some people will no doubt find "Exit The King" frustrating and too long. I found this fine production both funny and moving, much like life itself.
[ WSJ ] Beating Up the Bourgeoisie By TERRY TEACHOUT
Yasmina Reza is back with another of her slightly pretentious, consummately effective comedies of middle-class manners in "God of Carnage."
Plus "Exit the King" and "Impressionism."
[ FOX ] FOX411 By Roger FriedmanEnter The Kings: Sarandon & Rush Take Broadway
[ NYT ] Slide Show: The Party's Over

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