Friday, March 13, 2009

Exit the King is One Brilliantly Bizarre Broadway Show!

All I can say is Wow! I saw a preview performance of "Exit the King" last night and sat sixth row center orchestra at a sold out show. One of the wonderful perks of working for Applause Theatre Service. I was captivated from the very beginning with it's Vaudeville type introductions of all the lead performers in the show. I won't give anything away here in this blog but only tell you a bit about the performers and crazy story being told.

Academy Award-winners Geoffrey Rush(one of my all time favorite actors/remember the movie Shine?) as King Berenger and Susan Sarandon(Dead Man Walking) as Queen Marguerite star in Eugene Ionesco's "Exit The King" on Broadway. This production is Rush's Broadway debut. It is a limited engagement that will run for 14 weeks only, through Sunday June 14, 2009.
EXIT THE KING also stars Screen Actors Guild Award-winner Lauren Ambrose (Awake and Sing!, "Six Feet Under") as Queen Marie, Tony Award- winner Andrea Martin (My Favorite Year, Young Frankenstein) as Juliette, William Sadler(The Shawshank Redemption, "Roswell," Julius Caesar) as The Doctor and Brian Hutchison (From Up Here) as The Guard.

EXIT THE KING is a hilarious and poignant comedy about a megalomaniacal ruler, King Berenger (Rush) whose incompetence has left his country in near ruin. Despite the efforts of Queen Marguerite (Sarandon) and the other members of the court to convince the King he has only 90 minutes left to live, he refuses to relinquish any control.

I felt the two standouts in the show were certainly Geoffrey Rush (who is a shoe in to win the Tony Award for Best Actor this year, if he doesn't I will drop dead!) and the always funny and incredibly talented comedic actress Andrea Martin as the Nurse to the King and Queens. Susan Sarandon is just gorgeous to look at and one of my all time favorite actresses. I felt she was channeling the Wicked Witch in the movie Enchanted and was just fine but really only came alive towards the end of the 2 and 1/2 hour show. Ms Ambrose who I loved in Six Feet Under also gives a very credible performance but maybe trying a bit too hard at times. William Sadler is wonderful as the whacked out doctor/executioner/scientist(much too involved to explain that one!). But guys, let me tell you, this is the Geoffrey Rush show! You cannot take your eyes off of him every moment he is on (and off) stage. His bit with the marching band alone is worth the price of admission and should win him the Tony! It's bizarre folks, don't get me wrong and the story is not for everyone and will probably leave some saying what the heck? Give it a chance and stay for the whole show. Just remember that you're watching one of the all time best actors and performances ever on a Broadway stage!
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Erik Swanson
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