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Broadway Theater Ticket Sales are Stronger Than Ever

With all the talk of "doom and gloom" at this difficult time in our economy, its no wonder that newspaper articles and on-line news stories I read often point to questions about the health of Broadway theater. I wonder sometimes if the writers of these stories actually check their facts.

For instance, right now if you were to simply click on our Broadway theater page, you will see a listing of 34 Broadway shows in production. That means these shows are playing performances or at least have tickets on sale for shows that are soon going to be previewing on Broadway.

I've been involved in ticket sales for Broadway theater for 31 years now. Although I would be the first to admit that ticket sales are never the highest for Broadway during the winter months in New York City-still I have checked the statistics from the very reliable League of Theaters and Producers to set the record straight. Broadway ticket sales are up from a year ago. Sure higher ticket prices the last few years help this increase stand out. Still how would the naysayers that write these "negative" articles about Broadway theater and New York City explain themselves?

I think some writers like to exaggerate their facts so they can claim "gloom and doom". Of course some of the older shows that have played Broadway for many years are experiencing somewhat of a decline in sales. But all in all, I have looked at the figures for Broadway and the reality is that as the warmer weather comes upon us and thoughts of Easter and Spring Break come to the minds of those planning vacations to New York City or outings that include a Broadway Show-our phone lines are becoming quite active now. Sure people are scared. Yes its a time for those who have to hold off on spending on things other than necessities to stay away from vacations or spending money on tickets.

But for those planning on making a trip to New York City, either for the day or a vacation of several days, now is a great time to check out the wonderful talent performing in dozens of Broadway Shows. If you get a chance, you can call Applause Theater Service of New York City. Applause is a long-time experienced ticket agency. They have a friendly group of ticket experts that really work with the knowledge they have along with industry contacts so that they can provide the "best seats for the best shows at the best prices". Of course you are welcome to call dozens of other companies who can assist you when your plans include Broadway theater. We often find that callers to Applause Theater Service have called 3-5 different companies before calling us. So why do they call around so much? It all comes down to "trust".

Consumers do what they do best. The shop, compare then consume and now more than ever they know that ticket prices have been increasing over the years. So have New York hotel room prices. For some hotels, it seems like they've been practicing "highway robbery". They now have to straighten their "act" out don't they. For hoteliers that have been used to charging "high prices" the last 5 years or so, I think the "party is over" for them. My suggestion is for them to re-think the way they have done business in the past.

For good companies that have always been pricing "fairly", I believe business will not only continue to get better and do well over time but when the economy gets better these companies are going to make a real name for themselves. The public is tired of "scalper prices". And high prices don't only go for tickets. High prices exist in all industries. The key is to try to find out who can you "trust". How do you know from looking at a web site if you can "trust" someone. You don't really. So why not make a phone call and talk to a live person about hotel rooms or Broadway theater. How about calling a restaurant and talking to someone about their establishment. If they rush you off the phone, would that be a negative sign?

My friends, we can all learn allot by making a simple phone call. If companies want your business, they need to go back to the way business used to get done. Slowly and steadily my friends. Call the hotel and talk to someone. Call a ticket seller and talk to someone. Call a restaurant and talk to someone. If they're too busy to talk, hang up and call someone that is willing to work for your business, someone willing to earn your trust.

I've been in the Broadway ticket business for 31 years. Still I cannot believe that most companies design themselves to make an "electronic sale". They often hide their phone number hoping the public will simply click on something they want to sell to you, hoping you'll enter your credit card number electronically and make a purchase. Dumb, dumb, dumb in my opinion. Businesses have very little way to differentiate themselves from competition today. Not Applause Theater Service, Not us my friends.

Business is not as bad as some would have you believe, Still for some shows that "need a push", there are discount tickets for sale. For the big "sell-out shows", well maybe there aren't discount tickets but there's no need to pay "scalper prices". Like I said earlier, check around. Shop-compare-ask for service. You deserve it. After all, your looking to make a purchase, why not expect great service.

If you are coming to Broadway and need tickets, we hope you'll consider talking with us. With
this in mind I have taken the liberty of making a list of the current line-up of Broadway Shows for you They are listed below for your convenience. They are:

West Side Story

Guys and Dolls

Billy Elliot

Shrek The Musical

9 to 5 The Musical

The Lion King

The Little Mermaid

Mary Poppins

Robin Williams on Broadway


Jersey Boys

South Pacific

33 Variations

August:Osage County

Avenue Q

Blithe Spirit


The 39 Steps

The American Plan

Accent on Youth

Exit The King

God of Carnage


In The Heights

Hedda Gabler

Mamma Mia!

Irena's Vow


Mary Stuart

The Phantom of The Opera

The Norman Conquests

The Philanthropist

reasons to be pretty

Waiting for Godot

Rock of Ages

If you enjoyed this article and think others may benefit from this kind of information, we would appreciate you referring them to us. If you want to talk about Broadway theater, hotels, dining, shopping or anything else in New York City, we look forward to hearing from you today.

Applause, the Broadway ticket experts can be reached by calling us locally in New York at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930. We love to talk about Broadway theater and have lots of great restaurants to suggest to you when you visit.

Good luck.

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