Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Broadway "Rocks Out"-Rock Of Ages Is A Hit!

Who would have thought that a musical featuring a bunch of classic 80's rock songs starring an American Idol finalist would be a big Broadway hit? I tell you who. Me. I first saw Rock of Ages Off-Broadway and told my friend that if this show moves to Broadway then it would not only sell but would be the sleeper hit of the 2008-2009 Broadway Season. I am proud to say that not only was I right but it has done ever better than I or the producers of the show could have ever imagined. The show which garnered five 2009 Tony nominations including Best Musical has been selling at over 90% since it opened this past Spring. Not bad for a show nobody thought would even make it Off-Broadway. What I love most about this show besides the awesome music is that it is attracting crowds that might not normally come to a Broadway show. We need more of that. If not Broadway might cease to exist someday. O.K. I'm probably getting a little over dramatic but theatre is important. We need to support theatre at all costs.Let's face it. Without theatre the world would be a pretty boring place. Without theatre there would be one less happy person in the world. Me.

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