Tuesday, August 11, 2009

South Pacific VS Hair

Two hit shows. Two Tony Award winning revivals. Which one to see? How about both of them? Having seen both shows I can attest to how good they are. Let's take a look at both shows and le you can decide.

South Pacific-This new revival of one of Broadway's most beloved musicals has been selling out nightly eight times a week at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre. The show which won 7 2008 Tony Awards including Best Musical Revival is still one of the most popular shows running on Broadway and should continue to be for a very long time. For those people looking to buy tickets I have some important info for you. First of all this production is in the round so you know what that means right? All the seats are great. It is also the largest stage on Broadway so you don't miss a thing. That includes upstairs which by the way is only five rows. You know how in most theatres the first 8-10 rows are on the same level? Not with this theatre. Every row is raised and there are only 13 rows in total. Now can you beat that? So now that you know the in an outs of the theatre it is time to get your tickets to see the show.

Hair-This years winner for Best Musical Revival is one of the most exciting and poignant shows running on Broadway today. The show which first premiered on Broadway in 1968 is still as relevant today as it was over forty years ago. I loved the show and found it to be one of the most powerful nights in the theater that I have ever experienced. They grab you from the first song and don't let you go until the end. I guess you could say I liked the show huh? By the way. For those of you who are turned off by the nudity don't be. It is minimal and is over before you know it. I can't recommend this show enough and hope you get a chance to see it next time you're in town.

Well there you have it. Two top notch productions. While both may be different in both substance in style they entertain you and make you think. Isn't that what theater is suppose to do after all?

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