Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Next To Normal

You think your family is messed up? Well then you'll love the new Broadway hit and Tony winner Next To Normal. The show which first opened Off-Broadway last year at the Second Stage Theater opened to rave reviews across the board this past Spring. I had first heard of the show back in 2005 when it was called Feeling Electric and played at the New York Musical Theatre Festival. That production featured a cast of Broadway veterans including Amy Spanger and Anthony Rapp. The show which went thru several revisions over the years is one of the most original and exciting shows to hit Broadway in years. Being a composer and writer myself I am so happy a show like this has found a place on the Great White Way. It's shows like Next To Normal that give me hope not only for my show but for the future of the American Musical Theatre. The producers of Next To Normal should be commended for taking a chance on a show that while disturbing at times touches your heart and makes you see what is really important in this day in age. That my friends is family. Without them we are nothing. With them we are whole.

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