Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Recession May Be Over for Some of Us on Broadway

But will high Broadway ticket prices hurt the shows even when recession ends?

I've been working in the Broadway ticket business forever it seems. Even though the Broadway theater has been doing quite well this last year and a half, as I look at sales figures from some of the Broadway Shows recently-it looks like some of the shows are beginning to wane a bit.

Being an entrepreneur for just about 22 years now, I pride myself on being a provider of "excellent service" with fair and reasonable service charges for our ticket service. I think that's one big reason why our little company called Applause Theater Service will always be around in good times and in bad.

So every week I study the sales figures for 20-28 Broadway Shows and I see a similar pattern all the time. It seems like a new show can open like Burn The Floor to pretty good reviews, then sales start to rise but after a few weeks or so, the numbers begin to fall. Almost like they are an "older show" that might be closing somewhere in the near future.

You might remember 9 to 5 The Musical opening on Broadway a few months ago. It is a solid Broadway theater piece. Unfortunately it is like many others that have appeared on the Great White Way in years past. 9 to 5 The Musical received decent reviews but the word of mouth with a pretty attractive "star cast" with music by Dolly Parton herself seemed to be enough to start selling lots of tickets. But the problem again that I noticed weeks ago is that sales began to slow right away as well.

What I'm saying here is that recession or no recession, people don't want to pay the high price of admission to theater, concerts or any sporting events if they feel it is overpriced. So why doesn't the Broadway theater go to a price structure that might be more conducive to charging lower prices. Maybe they can price the theater so that people feel like they got a good value, a great experience and then simply let the "word of mouth" about the show take their natural course. That would sure sell more tickets wouldn't it?

All you ever seem to hear people saying is that football and baseball tickets cost too much and that Broadway theater is too expensive to go anymore. This is generally true if you don't know the "little secrets" to buying tickets for Broadway Theater as well as any reserved seating event ticket.

Although I cannot literally divulge our secrets, what I can tell you is this: shop around, talk to a human being and make sure you are getting the very best seat for the very best price. After all, its your money right?

Make your calls and your Internet inquiries then give a call to Applause at 800-451-9930 or 212-307-7050 right here in New York City. Applause Theater Service has been around nearly 22 years this September 1, 2009. We are a licensed ticket agency (license #71AP1001029) for all the shows in New York.

You have nothing to lose. You definitely will save lots of money and experience our excellent service as well. Let us know how we can help you solve your problems of paying too much for your tickets.

Just tell them The Broadway Ticket Man sent you. That's me, Rich Gladstone.

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