Thursday, August 06, 2009

NATB Gives Back Program Is Set To Kick Off on August 13, 2009


For many individuals, giving donations to various charities involve the simple act of writing out a check to a cause one feels concerned about or identifies with. I know that for myself and my family, this has often been the case. Until recently.

Being a ticket broker for nearly 32 years now, primarily involved with Broadway ticket sales, it is only over the past year or so that I have been fortunate to have become involved with my trade industry associations charity efforts. It's called NATB Gives Back. The NATB Gives Back Program is the charitable group within the National Association of Ticket Brokers.

The goal of the NATB Gives Back mission is to make a positive impact in the communities that support our businesses around the country. This endeavor will provide leadership, programs and education to NATB members and include creating partnerships with charitable and community organizations. In addition, we will increase visibility and perception of our industry, create ongoing fundraising and volunteering in our local communities and create many opportunities for people to experience live entertainment, who might not otherwise have the chance to.

I'm pleased to report that on August 13, 2009 the efforts of several hundred members of the NATB (National Association of Ticket Brokers) will proudly kickoff its first sponsorship entitled "32 for 32". This is the first sponsorship in a 3 year program with Ronald McDonald House Charities whereby NATB's goal is to establish a ticket donation and volunteer program that will have many of its members work hand in hand with local Ronald McDonald House's and RMHC events in local communities throughout the United States.

In order to reach its goal, NATB Gives Back has been asking NATB members for donations for 32 tickets to every NFL preseason game in all 32 NFL cities. In addition NATB members will be donating 32 hours of volunteer work in each of these markets as well throughout the year.

I'm pleased to report that the members of the NATB have been incredibly generous with well over 2000 ticket donations received to date as well as the many volunteer hours signed up for so far. In the days ahead we will continue to ask for ticket broker members of the NATB to participate in the 32 for 32 Program efforts and simply donate preseason NFL tickets as well as sign up for volunteer hours at a local Ronald McDonald House.

As the saying goes "every little bit counts". Whether you donate 2 tickets, 2 hours of time or 32 tickets or 32 hours of time, the NATB Gives Back Program needs your help as we strive to reach the goal line. The first NFL preseason games begin on Thursday August 13, 2009.

If you can donate tickets or volunteer time for this much worthy cause please contact Sara Drake at the National Association of Ticket Brokers at 630-510-4594 or You can also send an email to To donate tickets or time simply include in the subject line, the team, date, quantity of tickets or volunteer hours with your detailed contact information in the body of the message please.

If you need any additional information or want to talk about the 32 for 32 Program, feel free to call me personally at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930 in New York or send me an email at
It feels so good to give to others, We hope you can help.

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