Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wicked-Broadway's Biggest Hit

Can you believe it's been almost six years since Wicked first opened on the Great White Way? Since then it has not only become a Broadway favorite but one of the most successful shows in Broadway history. The show which is also an international sensation continues to sell out every night at the Gershwin Theatre. I saw the show about a week before opening and thought it was good and would probably run awhile. Who would have imagined that it would become the big hit that it has become. I sure didn't. Most people forget that the show didn't get very good reviews when it opened. Not only that but the show which was expected to win the 2004 Tony Award lost the big prize to the little show that could Avenue Q. Which by the way is closing on September 13. Look whether the critics liked it or not Wicked is here to stay. That is a guarantee.

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