Thursday, April 29, 2010

Broadway Grosses

Yes I know I am a little late with last week's grosses. However I did have a good excuse. I haven't been in the office since April 17. No I wasn't sick. Just visiting the parental units back in Illinois for nine days. Now I'm back and ready to blog. The funny thing is I actually missed it. Anyway on to last week's figures.Like past week's there were five shows that hit the one million mark. They were Wicked,Jersey Boys,The Addams Family,The Lion King and Billy Elliot. No surprises there. Plus eight shows grossed over $700,00 for the week ending April 25. Here are those shows.

American Idiot

Come Fly Away


Mamma Mia

Mary Poppins


The Phantom of the Opera

West Side Story

Now out of all of those shows the one that surprises me the most is Come Fly Away. For a show that didn't get good reviews it sure is a big seller. Not only that but the show was the sixth highest grossing show on Broadway and they were only at 73.9%. I guess there are more Frank Sinatra fans out there than I thought. Now of the shows that I mentioned five of those are ones that opened during the 2009-2010 season. By the way the Broadway season officially ends today with the opening of Everyday Rapture. Next up. The 2009-2010 Tony nominations. Let the games begin. Until next time theatre fans.

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