Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to Pick the Best Broadway Tickets in New York for Everyone –

Your taste in a Broadway musical is probably pretty different from your macho boyfriend. Use this fool proof guide to learn how to pick the right show for everyone.

Picking the Perfect Broadway Show in New York

Planning any kind of event can be daunting – especially when you’re planning for a group of people with picky or different tastes from your own. The pressure is on even higher when you are planning a trip. If you are currently planning a trip to New York and are planning on purchasing Broadway tickets, this short guide is for you. Our philosophy on picking the perfect New York Broadway tickets is simple: you don’t have the exact same taste as your grandmother or boyfriend in food and music, so why would you have the same taste in Broadway musicals? The beauty of Broadway is that there is absolutely something for everyone, even the person who supposedly “doesn’t like musicals”. In our humble opinion, there is no such thing as someone who hates all musicals; it’s just a matter of finding the right one.
  1. Your Grandmother: Grandma is probably an easy Broadway target. She is going to respond to the long running, classic shows. Don’t even think about taking her to see something edgy and off-Broadway (unless you have the coolest grandma around). Stick to Phantom of the Opera, Jersey Boys, or Mamma Mia!. She will love the beautiful sets, memorable songs, and familiar stories.
  2. Your Ten Year Old Niece: Kids and Broadway are like peanut butter and jelly. Get them started young and you will create a theater fan for life. There are a handful of kid friendly productions at any given time. Think Disney on Broadway like The Lion King or Mary Poppins. If Disney isn’t their thing, there are usually other fun productions like The Addams Family.
  3. Your Best Friend: I can’t think of a better girl’s night out than dinner out on the town and a pair of Broadway Tickets in New York City. The possibilities are endless for this category. You can probably get away with the most creative and edgy productions with a daring best friend. Consider any of the amazing Off-Broadway productions on stage at any given time, like Avenue Q. If she is into more classic musicals, take her to see Wicked, Billy Elliot: The Musical, or Chicago.
  4. Your ‘Anti-Broadway’ Boyfriend: The anti-Broadway boyfriend is seemingly complicated but actually very simple. Once you convince him to actually go to a show, be sure to pick one that isn’t classically Broadway. There are tons of shows that are edgy, masculine, and surprisingly relatable for non Broadway theater geeks. West Side Story is a classic Broadway musical that anyone can enjoy. Also consider choices like Blue Man Group and Stomp. These Off-Broadway productions are more performance art than musical and might appeal to your boyfriend.
The main thing to remember when picking out Broadway tickets in New York is that there are dozens of different choices at any given time. Take the time to speak to an expert or read online about a few different choices. You are bound to find a show that will please everyone. Remember, in New York City the possibilities are endless!

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