Friday, April 09, 2010

Three Reasons Why New York Broadway Tickets are the Hottest Goods in Town – Applause-Tickets

There are a ton of things to do and see in New York City. Applause-Tickets is here to tell you why Broadway tickets are the hottest commodity in the city.

Three Reasons Why New York Broadway Tickets are the Hottest Commodity in Town.

Don’t leave a visit to the city without seeing a Broadway show.

There are about a million reasons to visit New York City. It is one of the most dynamic, fast paced and exciting cities on earth. Some of the best food, greatest art, and most famous attractions are housed in this great American city. Above all, New York City has Broadway, home to the most famous and impressive shows on the planet. Here at Applause-Tickets, we want to list five reasons why you absolutely, positively cannot visit New York without buying Broadway tickets.

  1. The Musicals: Some of the most famous and beloved songs on earth were born on Broadway. You hum them at your desk at work, belt them in the shower, and sing them in your car. Your child knows them, your grandmother adores them and your wife cannot live without them. Purchasing tickets to a Broadway musical is buying admission to witness history in the making (and to have a great time doing it!)
  2. The Actors: Theater acting is one of the most difficult professions on earth and Broadway is home to the world’s greatest theater actors. To be a successful Broadway actor, you must be an actor, singer, and dancer, all rolled in to one. Some of these actors go on to become the most famous actors on the silver screen. The only way to see this kind of talent is to buy New York Broadway tickets and witness the show for yourself. 
  3. The Energy: As I mentioned earlier, New York City is one of the most exciting cities on the planet full of energy, lights, and glamour. Broadway is located at the very center of this excitement. The lights and marquees of Broadway theaters are the very embodiment of the city. You cannot think of New York without also thinking of the famous shows that call this city their home. There simply isn’t a more exciting way to spend 3 hours in this city than at a Broadway show.
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