Sunday, April 25, 2010

Take your Family to see a Disney Broadway Show today! –

Broadway and Disney is a match made in make-believe heaven! Check out Mary Poppins or The Lion King today with your family. Find these tickets and more at!

Broadway Disney shows are not just for kids.

Disney has always been the crowned king of fantasy and make-believe. Children just can’t get enough of their animated and live action movies. The not so hidden secret of Disney is that their movies are just as fun and entertaining for adults as they are for children. The characters are relatable, the stories are fun and emotional at the same time, and the songs are completely addicting. Entire families have been known to learn every single word of every single song of certain Disney classics. It’s natural that Disney and Broadway eventually decided to team up. Broadway is known for over the top productions, beautiful sets, top talent, and unforgettable songs. Converting classic Disney movies like The Lion King and Mary Poppins into live action Disney Broadway shows was seamless and unbelievably successful.

When most people think of Broadway, long running productions like Phantom of the Opera and South Pacific come to mind. A show only lasts as long as people are still going to see it. Long running shows have impeccable reputations and gain new fans every day that their name is up on the marquee. More recently, Broadway Disney shows like The Lion King and Mary Poppins are also being recognized as long running successful productions. This is due to the unbelievable commercial success of Disney movies.  Mary Poppins was released in film in 1964 but its message and characters are still relevant today. The Broadway version of the show is fast paced, high flying, and chock full of the classic Mary Poppins songs that children and their parents absolutely love.

Applause-Tickets believes wholeheartedly that you can’t go wrong when you purchase tickets to a Disney Broadway show. Disney magic combined with Broadway pizzazz turns out to be a perfect match. Call one of our live operators today to let them help you decide which Disney Broadway show is right for you!

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