Friday, April 30, 2010

Now Is The Best Time To See Mary Poppins On Broadway

Now in it's fourth year on Broadway is Mary Poppins. Now everybody that knows me is aware that I am not the biggest Disney fan in the world. Having said that I really enjoyed Mary Poppins. The fact that the movie was a favorite of mine as a child probably helped. Besides it is one of the few shows running that is perfect for the whole family. Since Shrek closed earlier this year Mary Poppins and The Lion King are really the only shows left. That too me is a shame as there used to be a time when there were anywhere from four to five shows that you could take the whole family to either On or Off-Broadway.

It's just that nowadays shows are just so expensive to produce that unless they are produced well they are just not going to last. Anyway the reason for my blog was to tell you about an incredible offer. Right now you can get tickets to see Mary Poppins at some incredible savings. Look we all know that bringing the whole family to a show can be expensive. Why not save a little money wherever you can? Be advised that this offer is good thru July 4, 2010 and is subject to availability. Get your tickets to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. It will make you feel like a kid again.

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