Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Buying Broadway Tickets Below Face Value is Easier Than you Think – Applause-Tickets.com

Get tickets to your favorite Broadway show at below face value prices from Applause-Tickets.

Buy Broadway Tickets Below Face Value!

Give the gift of Broadway at unbelievable savings.

Theater geeks are hiding in plain sight. It could be your co worker who is always humming a tune you can’t quite place at work. It’s your teenage daughter who sings so loud in the shower that your pets get scared. It’s even your next door neighbor John who always seems to be a little happier than everyone else after a trip into the city. Each of these people is hiding something inside that you would never guess: They are simply mad over Broadway theater shows.

For some people, the bug is planted very early at their first live performance of Phantom of the Opera. For others, it comes later when they catch a production of South Pacific at their local community theater. No matter how it happened, each of these people can’t imagine anything more magical, more delightful, or more special than a trip to a Broadway show. For their next birthday or Christmas present, consider buying them something that would mean the world to them: tickets to a New York City Broadway show from Applause-Tickets.

You may think that the usual gift card is good enough for your co worker again this year and that you can’t afford the price of Broadway tickets. News flash: you can purchase Broadway tickets below face value from Applause. That means that those tickets you thought you couldn’t afford could cost about the same as that gift card. When a theater wants to increase sales to a performance, they give Applause-Tickets the opportunity to buy tickets at below face value prices. We, in turn, pass those amazing savings on to you. There are dozens of shows with tickets available at below face value prices at any given time, all you have to do is call and speak to one of our friendly experts. They can help you find the show that is right for your co worker, daughter, neighbor, or YOU!

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