Monday, July 19, 2010

Broadway Grosses

Now I don't know about you but I am getting tired of seeing the same shows in the top ten. Although I really shouldn't complain too much because if people weren't buying tickets then myself and hundreds of other people would probably be out of work. I'm just saying that is time for some new blood. Well until somebody writes a big fat hit then I guess things will stay the same. By the way that means something new and original as opposed to a musical based on a cartoon or movie. Not that there is anything wrong with some of those shows it's just that being a composer myself I have different tastes then most people. Anyway on to the grosses. Here are your top five seven. AKA The Million Dollar Club.

Billy Elliot
Jersey Boys
Mary Poppins
The Addams Family
The Lion King

A Little Night Music
$501,212 80.6%
American Idiot
$802,418 74.5%
Billy Elliot
$1,109,921 98.9%
$536,308 79.9%
Come Fly Away
$558,074 47.9%
$511,505 81.9%
Harry Connick, Jr.
$757,620 99.7%
In the Heights
$581,931 78.6%
Jersey Boys
$1,035,256 95.8%
La Cage aux Folles
$692,444 87.8%
Lend Me a Tenor
$363,100 66.3%
Mamma Mia!
$915,829 88.8%
Mary Poppins
$1,138,802 95.8%
$953,528 94.1%
Million Dollar Quartet
$474,929 58.4%
Next to Normal
$386,491 81.6%
Promises, Promises
$1,202,446 94.2%
$240,329 45.0%
Rock of Ages
$530,383 81.1%
South Pacific
$603,601 93.9%
The Addams Family
$1,272,985 90.3%
The Lion King
$1,624,092 100.1%
The Phantom of the Opera
$937,474 90.1%
West Side Story
$714,413 71.0%
$1,681,570 100.0%

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