Monday, July 19, 2010

Off-Broadway Theatre

Now I don't know about you but in the last few years some of the best and most innovative shows that I have seen have been Off-Broadway. Sure some of them may not have a big budget like the shows that we see on Broadway. That doesn't mean that they aren't just as good or that they shouldn't be seen. Don't forget that both In The Heights and Fela both started Off-Broadway before moving uptown.

Yes I know that doesn't happen to every show. I personally think that most of the shows on the other side of Broadway are better off staying where they are. In fact some recent Broadway shows that opened and closed following a critically acclaimed run Off-Broadway would have been better off staying put.

Look winning a Tony Award is great but if that is the only reason to try and make a run on Broadway then you are usually bound to fail. Shows become hits because of how many tickets the sell. Not how many awards they win. I like Off-Broadway.I just wish that sometimes other people felt the same way I do. Until next time theatre fans.

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