Monday, July 05, 2010

Travel Agents Provide Broadway Ticket Service

I've been a Broadway Show ticket broker (New York State License # 71AP1001029) for over 33 years now. And since the start of the I Love New York advertising campaign in 1977 promoting New York as a vacation destination, I can clearly tell you that New York City has worked really hard at earning the 2009 #1 visitor destination award in the United States. It has been 20 years since we last held this honor. An integral part of promoting New York as a destination has been the key involvement of travel agents from around the United States as well as throughout the world.

Allot has happened since the 1970's and New York City and the state as a whole have benefited from the travel agent community successfully selling their clients on an I Love New York vacation. Travel agents went from simply selling an airline ticket to hotel rooms and sightseeing options to further enhance the experience of a New York vacation by offering Broadway Show tickets as well.

Travel Agents have been offering their clients Broadway Show tickets for many years now, originally through their GDS sales systems then later accessing tickets through various companies on the Internet. Having been fortunate to have started my career at the beginning of the I Love New York campaign way back in the late 1970's, I can honestly say that I have seen how travel agents have become a vital and compelling force in helping New York reach its #1 visitor destination status in 2009.

Applause Theatre & Entertainment Service is a local Broadway ticket expert service. They have been helping travel agencies all over the United States and throughout the world obtain Broadway tickets for their clients since 1987 with a focus on securing the best seats, prices and service available in the travel industry. The web site is a great source to find out information on all the current Broadway Show productions as well as gain information on how travel agents can become a part of Applause's network of Broadway ticket sellers.

Travel agents can help make their clients New York City visit especially memorable with a visit to any one of nearly 30 Broadway Shows which include popular productions of Wicked, Jersey Boys, The Addams Family, Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia! and this years outstanding Tony Award winning musical called Memphis The Musical. Travel agents interested in opening an account with can do so easily by calling 1-800-451-9930 or 212-307-7050. is pleased to offer its travel agency partners access to its below face value Broadway Show ticket deals on more than a dozen popular Broadway Shows right now. When a show has been running for a while and has performances it doesn't expect to fully "sell out" all its inventory for, the shows offer a special discount for and its travel agency partners. simply passes on the discount given to them to travel agents, then adds on a reasonable service charge for their efforts, include a commission for travel agents and mail out the Broadway Show tickets right to the travel agents offices.

Exceptional travel agents and top travel industry suppliers like understand the difficulties that the most recent recession has brought about. One major way that travel agents can separate themselves from many others is to simply begin to offer important "things to do" to their clients. Like taking in a Broadway Show or maybe spending an afternoon or two sightseeing in New York City. Maybe find out some great restaurant suggestions from locals like staff who live and work in the city and know all the great dining spots.

These ideas may seem trivial but the more time I spend selling tickets at and take my time speaking with consumers and travel agents on the phone, I can tell you that offering important standout service is key. These extra helpful steps along with the best advice on how to go about obtaining Broadway tickets is just one special way to serve your New York bound vacationers.

If you are a travel agent and you're thinking about offering Broadway tickets to your New York bound clients, we'd love to hear form you today. We can be reached round-the clock at 800-451-9930 or locally at 212-307-7050 seven days a week.

With no pressure to buy anything at, what do you have to lose?

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