Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let a New York Broadway Ticket Broker Help you Plan your Next Vacation–

Applause-Tickets will help you plan the best vacation ever! Visit to find out how!

Broadway in the Big Apple

Planning a trip with your family can be daunting. Especially to a place with as many attractions and as many people as New York City. A relatively small island crammed with 8.3 million people and with a ridiculously high number of things to do in such a small space is part of the City’s charm and definitely one of the reasons that so many people decide to visit us every year. Everywhere you look, there are hotels, restaurants, attractions, and people milling around. Yes, this is all very exciting and can make for a great vacation but with a lack of planning or the wrong advice, this city can become daunting and overwhelming. At Applause-Tickets, we want to help make your trip as stress-free as possible.

We are first and foremost New York Broadway ticket brokers. We see all the shows, scout out theaters and sell tickets to all of the incredible acts running on and off Broadway at any given time. Being local New Yorkers, we also regard ourselves as New York advice experts. We consider it a perk of our job to be able to help visitors to our great city in any way they need us. We can offer help and advice on anything from great family friendly hotels to the best way to get priority tickets to some of the biggest attractions in the City.

One of the greatest things to do in New York City is go see a Broadway show. Literally hundreds of thousands of people travel from all over the world every year just to see a show on Broadway. It is an experience that everyone should partake in and at Applause-Tickets, we believe that the younger you start your kids on seeing Broadway shows, the better off they’ll be. Having a love for something like theater is a gift. The sheer amount of raw talent visible on a Broadway stage on any given night is incredible and unmatched anywhere else in the world.

The shows range in size, content, style, and production value. When we see a show, we take notes on various things – Is it appropriate for children? How funny was it? Would a non-theater lover like it? Being small and local offers us advantages that many of the larger national online ticket companies don’t have. We actually see the shows so when we tell you that something is funny or great for your seven year old, we actually mean it and stand behind it. When we tell you that a certain hotel is more centrally located because you have plans to go see the Statue of Liberty one day, the Metropolitan Museum of Art another day and a Broadway show on the third, we stand behind that advice.

The next time you are planning a trip to New York City, consider using a local New York City Broadway ticket broker like It might just be your best vacation ever!

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