Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When you’re Planning a Trip to Broadway, Let a Local New York Broadway Ticket Broker Help you Find the Best Seats -

Go Local! Get your Broadway theater tickets from a source you can trust. Visit today to find out more!

Go Local, Go Broadway

It’s probably safe to say that you are an expert on your own local neighborhood. You could tell nearly anyone all the best places to get coffee, take a walk in a park, go shopping, eat a great dinner, or see a movie. Your insider knowledge is far superior to what someone could find on the internet on their own. This is because you have lived and breathed your neighborhood. You have experienced things that sites on the internet can only pretend to describe. You have tried the food, sipped the drinks, and walked your dog in the park. This is how we at Applause-Tickets feel about Broadway.

At Applause-Tickets, we have lived and breathed New York City and Broadway for over 20 years. Yes, you could probably go on the internet and find a large internet based company that will sell you tickets to a show. What they can’t do is tell you their personal opinions about shows, tell you the absolute best place to sit in any of the theaters, places to eat nearby, hotels to stay in, and what to do during your time not spent at incredible Broadway productions. They can’t help you if you show up at a theater and your tickets are nowhere to be found or if you forgot to pack them in your luggage. At Applause-Tickets, we can help you with any of those travel mishaps. We offer the best tickets with the best SERVICE in the industry. When it comes to insider knowledge and customer care, we cannot be beat. 

At the end of the day, Applause-Tickets is a local New York Broadway ticket broker. We live in this amazing city and are absolutely crazy for Broadway. That’s it. We can provide personalized and caring service every single time to every single customer. This, above all else, is why you should pick up the phone and talk to one of our Broadway experts today. We can help you choose the show that’s perfect for you and your family and you can rest easy knowing that we will help you if anything goes wrong.

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