Friday, July 16, 2010

Buying Tickets On The Internet

How many of you have ever purchased anything over the Internet? I'm guessing most of you have at one time or another. I mean who wants to spend hours in a crowded shopping mall? I know I don't. Anyway today's blog is about how to go about obtaining theatre tickets online. Having worked in the ticket business for over ten years now I can honestly say that I have seen and done it all.

From selling tickets over the phone to working in the box office at a Broadway theatre I have sold thousands of tickets to hundreds of different Broadway shows over the years. I guess I would call myself an expert. Well a theatre expert that is. Now I know that there are hundreds of companies out there that sell tickets.

There are at least twenty in the New York City area alone. Look we all know buying tickets can be difficult at times. I always try to encourage people to do their homework. Shop around and find the service that works best for them. I know I do the same when I am spending my money. It just makes sense. Until next time theatre fans.

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