Monday, June 16, 2014

New Play The River Starring Tony Winner Hugh Jackman Is Now On Sale

Hugh Jackman on Broadway? Now I don't know about you but I feel like we just saw him in something. Oh that's right. He hosted the Tony Awards a couple of weeks ago. Or as I like to call it the "Hugh Jackman Variety Hour" with a few awards and show clips thrown in here and there. Bring back Neil next year I say! Now except for the fact that Wolverine is starring in this new play I really don't know anything about it. Well except that it is playing in one of Broadway's smallest theatres and that it is only scheduled to run thru January 25. Well would you look at that. I guess I knew more about it than I thought. Now for those of you fans who want to know more about the show here is a brief synopsis about The River. Enjoy!

A remote cabin on the cliffs, a man and a woman, and a moonless night. Jez Butterworth's The River asks when we find each other, are we trying to recapture someone we once lost? The writer director team who brought you Jerusalem returns with a bewitching new story. See? I told you it was pretty brief. The truth is a really doesn't matter what the show is about. Hugh Jackman could stand on stage for two hours and read the phone book and probably still sell thousands of tickets. Although he might have to do a little soft show now and then. Tickets are sure to go fast so don't delay. Get your tickets to see Hugh Jackman in The River on Broadway at the Circle in the Square Theatre. Until next time theatre fans.

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