Sunday, June 15, 2014

Visting New York City and Other Observations

Believe it or not but up until about five years ago we sold hotel/theatre packages. Dinner vouchers too. And while we may not offer those type of services anymore we do provide theatre tickets as well all other events in New York City to hotel concierges throughout the city as well as offer tips on where to eat on our "Restaurant Suggestions Page". Now the truth is there are hundreds of companies out there just like us that sell tickets. The big question is what type of service are they providing? Are they concerned with only selling tickets to the hottest shows or are they providing the type of customer service that will make those customers want to come back again and again.

Look we all know that tickets aren't cheap these days. Most people have to work and work just to save enough money to come to New York and that's just for airfare or however way you decide to get here. Then of course you have to find a place to stay and we all know that isn't cheap either. Add that up along with eating out and a little shopping and you have spent a bundle. Oh and don't forget tickets to Wicked and The Lion King or whatever show you decide to see while you are here. When all is said and done you could end up spending a whole month's salary before you know it. So where am I going with all of this you might ask?

The truth is I live here and have been a proud resident of what I feel is the greatest city in the world for the better part of two decades. Therefore going out to a nice restaurant or seeing a Broadway show is a typical week for me. Most people don't have that luxury. Heck even most New Yorkers idea of a night out is ordering Chinese and sitting at home and watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones or renting a movie. O.K. I'll admit that last statement is probably a little dated as I don't know anyway who runs out to their local neighborhood Blockbuster to rent a movie.

That's probably why they are no longer in business. Most people like me wait until it comes out on HBO or Showtime or Netflix. The truth is in a city this big there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself. Same thing with buying tickets or what hotel to stay at or where to have a nice meal. Luckily with a city like New York the options are limitless. I guess that's why millions of people visit our city year after year. I know if I didn't live here this place would be at the top of my lost. So whether it is your first trip or your twentieth remember to have fun, see the sights, and have the time of your life. After all you only live once. Peace.

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