Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hamilton Tickets on Broadway Are Easy to Obtain at Applause Tickets-Don't Believe The Hype

Contrary to what is becoming a popular belief, that Hamilton tickets, this years mega-hit Broadway show, are "impossible to get", I'm writing this post today to simply refute this perception.  In fact, I can state for the record that Hamilton tickets are easily obtainable.  Yes the prices for Hamilton tickets are, in general, the highest I've ever seen for a Broadway musical in all my 39 years as a licensed ticket broker in New York City.  Here's is why my friends.

So if I can simply ask people to trust me when I tell you that Hamilton tickets are easily available for every performance throughout 2016 (actually the show is selling tickets through January 2017), its just that they are being sold at extremely high prices these days.  And why is this?  It's simply a matter of supply and demand really.

When Hamilton tickets or any other hit Broadway show for that matter go "on sale, the tickets sell out very quickly.  After all, the theater for Hamilton only has a capacity of 1319 seats, not very large for a blockbuster Broadway musical is it?  And when you further consider that a singer like Adele or rock concert artists like Billy Joel and many others "sell out" arenas that have a capacity of 25,000 seats and more, it kind of makes sense that a hit Broadway show like Hamilton would have a demand that far outweighs the seating capacity.

So the general public as well as ticket companies all over the country buy up all the tickets quickly.
Then when other people find out that there are no tickets available in the "primary market" (the primary market is simply the first price a ticket has printed on it, usually sold at the theater directly or at the recognized ticket service-in this case it would be TicketMaster), they have to turn elsewhere to find tickets to purchase.  So right now, in the case of Hamilton tickets, there are simply no seats available in the primary market.  So this makes every ticket that is being "resold" by ticket companies as well as the general public (yes consumers are buying and reselling their own Hamilton tickets and other tickets for all sort of events to make profit now)- a commodity of the "secondary market".  It's this simple.

And thank goodness for the secondary market as this market helps make Hamilton tickets easy to get.  Clients are calling my company Applause-Tickets (NY State License # 71AP1001029) every day and generally the first thing they say is "why are Hamilton tickets impossible to get"?  And when our staff says "Hamilton tickets are easy to get, it's just that the prices are fairly high", explaining why we as Broadway ticket experts think they are high priced, it helps clients better understand the situation.

And I would have to say in all my 39 years in the Broadway ticket selling business, I've not seen a show like Hamilton command such high prices.  This is simply because enough theatergoers are paying these prices.  At Applause-Tickets we take the time and go through as many dates and performances as well as all the seat location options and try to help guide clients to purchasing the best value tickets for the money.  In many instances, people are turned off to these prices and we help them obtain tickets for other shows.  After all, we have over 30 shows playing on Broadway right now.

So if your heart is set on seeing Hamilton on Broadway right now, then I respectfully say that at this point in time, the prices are likely to remain high but we have noticed that after the summer of 2016, the prices will come down somewhat as young people go back to school and families focus on other priorities they have.  Then I believe that prices will go up again for Hamilton tickets as October, November and December 2016 show a very big increase in visitors to New York City.  And we cater to a large tourist trade so we know this has been a pattern for over 30 years now.  After Hamilton opens other productions of the show in Chicago, London and other places around the world, this should eventually lead to reduced prices for the show.  After all, it goes back to supply and demand and after lots of people have seen Hamilton, eventually the prices will come down to earth again.

So my friends, Hamilton tickets are easy to come by.  They really are.  It's simply a matter of how much they will cost.  In time and after the first wave of Hamilton ticket buyers have seen the show, the prices will come down.  And for those folks that have no intention of spending 5 to 10 times the original face value for the show, I suggest you consider a visit to one of the other fabulous Broadway Shows we offer.  The last two years have been filled with lots of terrific plays and musicals and we'd love to talk with you about how we might help you obtain tickets for another exciting Broadway show.

Please call me personally anytime or one of my teammates and we'll help guide you offering the best advice on obtaining Hamilton tickets or the show of your choice.  You should consider "shopping around", talk to other ticket companies then give us a call at 212-307-7050 or 800-451-9930. Applause-Tickets is open 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.  We never miss an opportunity to be of service and we love to talk about Broadway Theatre.

Take care, call us anytime.  We'd love to help you.

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