Monday, April 18, 2016

Hamilton Tickets in New York City- Availability Update for Week of April 18-2016

My company Applause-Tickets has been receiving phone calls and inquiries pertaining to our Hamilton ticket availability updates since I've been posting them so I thought I would send a simple reminder of Hamilton ticket offers for this week in New York City.  Most people call Applause-Tickets and think Hamilton tickets are "impossible to get" and this is simply not true.  Hamilton tickets are easily available, it's just that the prices are going for market value prices.

Right now we can offer:

Monday April 18-2016 (7pm) 50 tickets available
Tuesday April 19-2016 (7pm) 145 tickets available
Wednesday April 20-2016 (2pm matinee) 54 tickets available**least expensive time to go**
Wednesday April 20-2016 (8pm) 232 tickets available-keep an eye on this performance as the prices may drop.
Thursday April 21-2016 (7pm) 126 tickets available- prices start to "trend upwards" as the weekend approaches.
Friday and Saturday April 22 &23-2016-tickets are available but prices tend to stay higher for all weekend performances.

If anyone you know is interested in obtaining Hamilton tickets at the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway, kindly consider a call to Applause-Tickets, a local Broadway ticket expert at 212-307-7050.

Take care
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Phone 212-307-7050
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