Sunday, April 10, 2016

Broadway Shows Sell $29,929,437.71 in Tickets for the Week Ending April 3, 2016 - Hamilton Tickets are in High Demand

Wow!  In all my 39+ years as a licensed ticket broker for Broadway, Sports and Concerts in New York CIty, I don't recall seeing these huge sales figures.  At least not in quite some time for sure.

Last week we had 36 shows playing in New York City on Broadway.  The latest Broadway blockbuster hit "Hamilton" sold 10,752 tickets for performances during last week.  Ticket sales were $1,822,594.00.  The theater capacity is only 1321 seats but they sold a bunch of "standing room only" tickets as well.  Hamilton recorded their capacity for last  week as 101.74 %.  That's allot of tickets for a reasonably small size theater on Broadway.

There were only 3 other shows that sold more tickets than Hamilton.  They were Aladdin, Wicked (which sold over $2 million dollars) and The Lion King, three shows that certainly would do well during these very busy "Spring Break" holiday weeks.  But we should remember that these three other shows have much great seating capacity than the Richard Rodgers Theatre (where Hamilton plays eight shows weekly) does.

Interesting to note is that the average regular priced "non premium" Hamilton ticket costs $169.51 and the average "top priced or premium ticket" costs $475.00 per ticket (that's the printed price on the ticket or usually referred to as the face value).  Hamilton tickets are selling so fast these days that the demand to get into the show far outweighs the supply, at least in the near term.  So those face value prices for now are a thing of the past.  Ticket brokers and others are reselling Hamilton tickets for up to 8 times their cost.

The reason why the prices are so high is because of this demand and enough people are paying these extremely high prices.  When the market cools down, prices will start to go downward as well.  It may be some time but eventually the prices will go back down to more reasonable rates.

For those people who think that Hamilton tickets are "impossible to get" (this is something we hear all day long at, this is simply not the case.  There are lots of Hamilton tickets that are held by ticket companies and consumers today (who are becoming their own ticket brokers).  These folks simply are doing all they can to get the highest return they can for their money.  At we offer a more reasonable Hamilton ticket price than every one of the ticket companies around) but suggest to our clients that they considering purchasing tickets for another one of the 35 other terrific Broadway Shows and consider buying Hamilton tickets later on.  In fact, when I have clients on the phone I simply tell them to consider seeing several shows instead of paying the price for one Hamilton ticket.  Sure Hamilton is a great Broadway show but there are many others we can suggest.  Why not fill up, 2, 3 or even 4 nights seeing some terrific shows in New York.  It's a much better value.

Most clients do not buy Hamilton tickets at this time although as I mentioned earlier in this post, Hamilton tickets are available- they simply cost allot of money right now.  Why sit up in the rear mezzanine and spending $700+ for one Hamilton ticket (or considerably more for an orchestra or front mezzanine) seat.  Consider seeing another show, it makes lots of sense when you think about it.

Still if you're heart is set on buying Hamilton tickets, I hope you'll consider a call to my company,  We have plenty of tickets as we belong to a nationwide ticket broker exchange and we can locate seats for you on a moment's notice.  We can then purchase tickets for you, add on a small service charge for our efforts and send you on your way to see Hamilton.  It truly is one of the greatest shows of our time but don't let anyone tell you that "it's impossible to get" because that is simply not the truth.  Right now Hamilton tickets are like any other hot commodity but eventually prices will normalize.

If we can help you with Hamilton tickets or any Broadway Show tickets, I hope you'll consider a call to Applause-Tickets.  We're open 24/7 to help you in every way we can.

Thanks for reading my blog post today.  Cheers to all the terrific Broadway Shows playing in New York City.

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