Thursday, June 09, 2016

Times Are Changing For Broadway Theatre Owners in New York CIty

For a long time now theatergoers have not been allowed to take pictures inside any of New York City's Broadway theaters.  Just today, two of the 3 major theatre owners, The Shubert Organization and Jujamcyn Theaters have made a change in policy and relaxed their rules regarding taking pictures once inside a theater.

Both Bill Evans, who handles media relations for The Shubert Organization and Jordan Roth, the President and primary owner of Jujamcyn Theaters, in separate announcements have informed the public that taking pictures before a show, at intermission and after a show is over will be allowed. These two theater owners alone currently operate more than 20 theaters locally.  I can't imagine that New York's second largest theater owner- Nederlander Theatres, will be far behind in relaxing their "no pictures allowed" rule in the days ahead.  It's about time really when you think of it.

These days most theatergoers have a cell phone and want to take a few pictures, especially when one thinks about how easy its become to share photos with friends and family in a few seconds.  In my opinion allowing people to take pictures will not only be great for theatergoers attending their show of choice.  It will create a huge benefit for the theater owners and especially all the Broadway shows. One might call it free publicity when someone takes a picture then forwards it to their friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter and so many of the other social media outlets, right?

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