Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Applause Customers Make My Day

Broadway ticket buyers spend allot of money to attend New York Theater. Why should they pay more than they have to?

I just wanted to share a moment with Applause Ticket News readers about a new customer we made today. Her name is Patricia and she's from Aurora, Colorado. A friend of Patricia's suggested she call Applause for 1 ticket to South Pacific for the last Sunday in October 2009. After speaking with her friend, and feeling comfortable talking with me, he then asked Patricia to give me a call in New York.

Seeing as how Patricia hardly ever gets a chance to visit New York City, and being on a budget, she decided to buy a ticket in the Loge section of South Pacific (somewhat more reasonably priced than an orchestra seat). I suggested the seat in the Loge as the theater is a small one and all the seats are pretty good, especially for the price I gave her. She said "Rich thanks for the great service and with the money you've saved me, I am planning on going to a very nice restaurant for dinner".

We then got to talking. It is amazing and interesting what we all can learn about each other if we just take that extra moment or two. People are really nice when you get to talk with them. Patricia is extremely warm and friendly and will be very pleased when she takes her seat at the Vivian Beaumont Theater in New York's Lincoln Center.

There's a special satisfaction when I make a ticket sale. But it's extra special knowing a customer is very happy with our service. So happy that someone like Patricia said "Rich, I plan on telling lots of people about you and your service".

Although I personally think it's important to give excellent customer service, somehow it is uniquely gratifying when a customer stops and tells you they appreciate the service you've given. So yes, customers really can "make your day" a special one. Patricia did so for me today. I wonder who it will be tomorrow.

To experience superb service and the best seats and prices for Broadway Shows, we hope you'll give us a call. Maybe we can "make your day" a special one too.

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