Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Customer Story

That's right all you Applause blog fans. It's time for my customer story of the week. On Sunday's I work by myself. Like most weeks it is slow for the first couple of hours,then a little busy in the afternoon, then slow again. Well I don't know what happened yesterday but from 12-1pm the phone was ringing off the hook. I even had three lines going at the same time. By the time I finished my day I had sold almost as many tickets as the day before and the most for a Sunday since I don't know when. Anyway back to my story.

Earlier in the day I received a call from a very nice woman who wanted to bring her ten year old daughter to New York to see Wicked.No shock there as Wicked is the most popular show on Broadway. We started looking at dates in November and while there were seats available they weren't quite what she was looking for. She really wanted to sit in the Front Mezzanine, which is actually my favorite place to sit in most theatres. I told her I could get her seats in that section but probably not as center as she was hoping. I asked her what weekends she was available and she was pretty flexible on her dates. I told her that if she wanted the best seats she was better off going into January or February when the better seats are available.

Well after doing a little research I called her back today with the the good news. I got her great seats in Row B of the Front Mezzanine. Dead center by the way. Well she couldn't have been more pleased. She bought the tickets and thanked me for going the extra mile to get the tickets that she wanted. Another satisfied customer at Applause. Will you be next?

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