Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Customer Story

Now I know what you're thinking. Didn't he just post his weekly customer story yesterday? Yes I did. However I have decided to change my weekly customer story to a daily one. At least for now anyway. I mean out of all the customers that I talk to on a daily basis there has to be a least one interesting story right? So here we go.

I arrived this morning at my usual time of 10:00am ready to start my day. Like most days it is busy in the morning and then slows down a little until the afternoon. I received a call from a customer who was looking to come into the city this weekend and wanted to take his wife to a Broadway show. His first and only choice was The Phantom of the Opera. Now believe it or not while Phantom has been around for over twenty-two years the show still sells out. Especially on Saturday nights.

So I checked for him and they had seats in the Orchestra but they were on the side in the back. I told him that if he sat upstairs he not only would probably get better seats but have a better view as he would be looking straight down on top of the stage. Although he had never sat upstairs before he trusted that I knew what I was talking about and decided to order the tickets for him and his wife. I told him I wouldn't let him down and thanked him for his business. By the way I got him great seats on the center aisle. Another satisfied customer.Will you be next?

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