Thursday, October 15, 2009

Need Last Minute Tickets to Broadway?

Let Applause Theater Service explain how they work their "magic" to get theater-goers into a Broadway show, even up to the last minute.

We just got a call from a customer named Sara. Although she previously purchased tickets for Mamma Mia! for tonight's show in New York City, she needed 3 additional seats for tonight at the Winter Garden Theater. Although the show is sold out, a simple call over to the theater made by Applause, resulted in finding Sara the 3 tickets she coveted.

One might ask "how did you get the tickets? Long story short, people sometimes get stuck with tickets and ask the theater to sell them. The theater also holds back some house seats for VIP's that might want to see the show at the last minute.

In Sara's case, I simply asked her if she would accept 3 single seats, meaning that the seats weren't together. When I mentioned that the seats were all in good seating locations, Sara said "please book them for me".

Little things like asking a customer if they'll accept separate single seats when a show is sold out are important. Sure I made a sale tonight but more importantly, my guess is that if Sara asked any other ticket service what they could do to get them into the show, the answer would probably be "sorry but the performance is sold out". So yes, I'm happy we sold 3 more tickets but at the end of the day, Sara is happy.

Without happy customers, where would we be? Who would need us? Why would our telephone ring?

If you ever want to experience excellent customer service and need tickets for Broadway Theater or other reserved seating events, we'd love to be of service. Applause Theater Service in New York City (license #71AP1001029) has a staff that cares about its customers.

We can prove it to you too. Just call 212-307-7050 in New York City or toll free at 800-451-9930 if you feel like talking about Broadway Theater. Good luck.

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