Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Broadway's Longest Running Show Is Still The Phantom of the Opera

Has it really been twenty-two years since The Phantom of the Opera first opened on Broadway? Boy time sure does fly doesn't it? The show which believe it or not is still a big seller continues to charm audiences eight times a week at Broadway's Majestic Theatre. Growing up in a small town in Illinois I wasn't exposed to a lot of theatre except the shows I did in high school or the local community theatre. Then one day our choir director brought in a copy of the soundtrack and I fell in love with the score. Just a few months later it was announced that Phantom was coming to Chicago and I would finally get the chance to see a live production of the show. Well wouldn't you know it but Illinois was hit with one of the biggest snowstorms in years and I couldn't go. I guess I was destined never to see it. Cut to two years later and I moved to New York to study acting and my school gave all the students tickets to see the show. Finally after all these years I was going to see the show that I had been listening too non-stop. The big question is whether or not it would live up to all my expectations. I am happy to report that it did. What a great show. Yes I know some people find the show a bit sappy and over dramatic at times but I really enjoyed it. If you go in knowing what to expect than you will have a great time. I sure did, and I know millions of other people did as well. A show doesn't last all those years for nothing you know.

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