Saturday, October 10, 2009

In The Heights-Where Dreams Are Made

For those of you who read my blogs know how much I love to write about In The Heights.Out of all the shows on Broadway it is far and away my favorite one. Is it my favorite one of all time? While it is in my top ten the coveted number one spot is reserved for Rent. Perhaps you've heard of it? You know that little show that ran for twelve years and won every major award imaginable including the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.To this day it is still one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had in the theatre.

Cut to twelve years later and another show fresh off a very successful Off-Broadway run moves to Broadway and captures the hearts of theatregoers from around the world. Now I know there are some people out there that think that you can't relate to the show if you are not Spanish. That is not true. Yes In The Heights takes place in a neighborhood made up of mostly Dominican and Puerto Rican people but that is not what the show is all about. It is about people with dreams. It is about a community that comes together in good times and in bad. And it is about finding out who you are. Sounds like something we can all relate too right?

Look I can go on and on and tell you how great I think the show is and how it affected me. Doesn't mean it is going to do the same for you. Whether you decide to see the show is up to you now. I can only hope that I helped you understand a little more about the show than you did before. Until next time theatre fans.

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