Monday, October 05, 2009

Avenue Q To Begin Performances This Friday

I know what you're thinking. Didn't Avenue Q close last month? Yes it did. However on the very day that it was to close the producers of the show announced they were moving to a new theatre on October 9. Now over the years several long running shows have moved to other theatres during their run. In fact Chicago has played at three different theatres since it opened in the fall of 1996. However a successful Broadway show as well as a Tony winner for Best Musical moving to an Off-Broadway theatre? According to a statement from the producers' press office,"Research indicates that this transfer is unprecedented, marking the first time that a Broadway musical has, indeed, moved to an Off-Broadway theatre."

I personally think this is a smart move. The show while still successful is moving to a theatre with 300 less seats than it's previous one. Hopefully this will ensure a longer life for the show. I hope so. Avenue Q is one of my favorite shows and I am happy that more people will have the chance to see one of the funniest and touching shows to hit New York in years. Go see it if you get the chance. You will love it. I sure did.

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