Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Broadway Ticket Prices Don't Need to Cost a Fortune

It's about time that average theatergoers can get to see Broadway Shows for much less than they really think they have to pay. And how confusing is it to the public to have hundreds of web sites, most of which tend to look alike with similar seat locations being offered as well as "outrageous" pricing that goes with this shopping experience? To me it looks like ticket companies are hoping unsuspecting consumers will click on a set of tickets, put their credit card information in the sales form then have a high service charge added to their shopping cart order just before they submit their order. Consumers often end up paying much more than they thought they would.

Now I have nothing against ticket companies trying to make simple electronic sales. My problem is often that the seat locations they display are often "fictitious". Even worse, you generally have to pay full retail face value of a ticket plus a hefty service charge. Often customers of our company Applause, tell us that when they have shopped elsewhere prior to calling us, they are confused as to whether the seats are worth the price of admission.

Running my own legitimate ticket agency, selling Broadway Shows as a specialty, one of the most notable areas which we differentiate our ticket service is to "avoid selling". At Applause Theater Service (NY State license #71AP1001029), we offer a real service. One that offers alternatives to paying more than you need to. For instance, you might have a look at our web site, click on a show tile or two, get a feel for our company and what we have to offer. Then we often make the suggestion to call us.

This is the one thing you'll notice more than anything. Our emphasis on asking you to call us. Talk to us. You know, like people used to do before Blackberry's and texting took over for many of our daily conversations. Ticket companies are hoping you click and book. It's less work for them. My problem with this is that so many companies today are even making it hard to find their phone number. How horrible is that

If ticket shoppers simply "click and book", how can they ever know if there are any better seats at less expensive prices? Today more than ever, when you go shopping in your local mall or simply window shop in your local shopping center, you'll often see large FOR SALE SIGNS posted in the merchants windows, like 50% OFF or UP TO 80% OFF. So how can you get a ticket service to offer their "sale price" if you just click and book?

From an insider's perspective, Broadway Theater has become an overpriced experience in many instances. If you want to pay full retail admission prices, you might be missing out on Below Face Value discounted options that a company like Applause Theater Service offers. It's simple really. Shows that might not be selling out of all their tickets are willing to discount the tickets if you are willing to attend an off-peak performance. Generally the BFV ticket deals are not available on a Saturday night.

So why not spend a few minutes and make that call to Applause or another company that might know about these "insider prices". Spending just 5 minutes or so will save you lots of money. And today, who cannot use some extra savings when they go out for an expensive evening like Broadway Theatre?

Broadway Theatre doesn't have to cost a fortune after all, does it? I hope this information helps you or anyone you know that attends live Broadway Theatre.

If you want to talk about tickets for Broadway Shows, it would be my pleasure to assist you. All you have to do is call me at 212-307-7050 in New York or toll free at 800-451-9930. Whether you ask for the Below Face Value ticket deals or not, I'll give you the best options so that you can make an informed decision. Aks for my personally. My name is Rich Gladstone. Some people call me The Ticket Man.

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