Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Broadway Grosses

Yes I know. You are all waiting yesterday for me to post last week's grosses weren't you? Well starting this week I now I have Monday's off which means you will just have to wait I guess. Anyway on to the grosses. Well it looks like South Pacific went out with a bang it's final week as it hit the 100% mark. Now that's how you close a show my friends. Promises, Promises dropped below the one million mark for the first time in many weeks. I'm guessing it had something to do with it's star Kristen Chenoweth being out of the show most of the weekend. Now while Promises saw a dip the other members of the million dollar club kept on plugging along as usual.

Billy Elliot
Jersey Boys
Mary Poppins
The Addams Family
The Lion King

With Labor Day on the horizon expect other shows to see a boost at the box office. We shall see. Until next time theatre fans.

A Little Night Music
$539,005 88.6%
American Idiot
$707,740 64.1%
Billy Elliot
$1,039,995 95.7%
$534,347 79.3%
Come Fly Away
$635,399 70.2%
$482,416 77.4%
In the Heights
$634,335 78.7%
Jersey Boys
$1,020,157 98.2%
La Cage aux Folles
$602,152 79.0%
Mamma Mia!
$886,815 85.0%
Mary Poppins
$1,052,470 88.9%
$854,846 81.7%
Million Dollar
$450,851 58.0%
Next to Normal
$298,132 79.4%
Promises, Promises
$966,150 78.0%
$274,787 49.0%
Rock of Ages
$511,836 80.8%
South Pacific
$626,513 100.0%
The Addams Family
$1,125,749 85.7%
The Lion King
$1,632,627 100.1%
The Phantom of the Opera
$857,575 83.4%
West Side Story
$726,347 73.5%
$1,688,030 100.0%

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