Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Disney Musicals on Broadway – See the Magic of Disney Come to Life on Broadway

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Disney is even more Magical on Broadway

Can you remember being a kid and watching the same Disney movie over and over? The infectious fun of a Disney movie was hard to resist as a kid. Applause Tickets is here to tell you about the latest Disney phenomenon – Disney Musicals on Broadway. When Disney first decided to bring one of their movies to the stage, people were skeptical about its possible success. How well could a full length film translate into a stage production with a live audience? The answer blew everyone’s expectations out of the water. People absolutely LOVED seeing Disney characters brought to life before their eyes. Today, Lion King and Mary Poppins are two of New York City’s most popular shows and for good reason. These shows are family favorites. Your kids will love them and you will be thoroughly entertained.

Mary Poppins is the most similar to its movie counterpart. Since the movie featured live human actors, the translation to the stage wasn’t difficult. Pair amazing acting, multimillion dollar production value, and fabulous costumes with one of the most beloved stories of all time and a repertoire of incredibly addicting songs and you have an instant Broadway sensation. Mary Poppins is perfect for audiences of all ages. Your children will adore this show.

Disney took more creative liberties when they translated Lion King from the screen to the stage. Director and designer Julie Taymor took animated characters and turned them into sophisticated and beautiful characters on stage. Her use of puppets and incredible costumes tells the story of Simba and his Lion family in a touching and heartfelt way. This show can be slightly scary at times and probably isn’t appropriate for very small children but it’s great for older kids and Broadway theater goers of all adult ages.

Disney musicals seemed to be born for the stage. If you are thinking about planning a trip or a night out on the town in New York City, don’t miss your chance to see a Disney show on Broadway. Call Applause Tickets today to speak with a representative who will help you find the show, seats and price that’s right for you.

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