Friday, August 13, 2010

Spider-Man:Turn Off The Dark To Begin Previews In November

Well I guess pigs can fly and hell has truly frozen over. The new musical Spider-Man:Turn Off The Dark is set to begin previews at the newly named Foxwoods Theatre(formerly the Hilton)on Sunday November 14, 2010.The show which was first announced back in the Spring of 2007 was originally supposed to begin last year and then postponed until February of this year before being postponed once again until this fall. Now based on what I have heard so far it should happen.

I'll believe it when I see it. Look I want to see it as much as the next person. I for one hope it succeeds. If it does it will be good for Broadway.Maybe all these delays were meant to be. I always say,"Everything happens for a reason". Maybe I'm just a little more optimistic than most.Regardless of what the show looks like we can at least guarantee the music will be good. Who knows? I myself can't wait to see it. In fact I'm thinking about buying a ticket for the first preview. Maybe I'll see you there.Until next time theatre fans.

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