Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green Day's American Idiot Now Available At Below Face Value

Who doesn't love the music of Green Day? I know I'm a big fan. Now to be honest when it was first announced that a new musical based on American Idiot was coming to Broadway I like most people were thinking the same thing. "Have they lost their minds? That will never work". Being a composer myself I am always on the lookout for new and interesting works on Broadway. Now don't get me wrong. I like a good old fashioned Broadway musical once in awhile. Once every couple of years that is.

So anyway a few months ago I went to see American Idiot on Broadway. Now even though I like their music I had never listed to the album all the way through. I guess I'm not a big a fan as I thought. Now while I enjoyed the show as a whole I do think it has a limited appeal as far as it's audience. The show which was nominated for this year's Tony Award for Best Musical is still doing reasonably well at the box office.

Would they be doing better if they hadn't lost to Memphis? Probably. In fact before Memphis won the top prize it was struggling at the box office. Now the show is grossing almost a million dollars a week.M guess is that American Idiot will at least last until the end of the year. Until then see it why it's still here. Better yet see it at a discount. Good seats are available at some incredible prices. Call now.

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