Sunday, August 01, 2010

Broadway Ticket Prices Become Affordable for Most Theatergoers

For almost 34 years now, I have been advising thousands and thousands of folks about how to buy the best tickets for Broadway shows while getting reasonable prices as well. It should be noted that our ticket agency is a long time licensed New York Sate ticket broker. Catering to the travel agency trade that sends lots of people to New York City each year as well as consumers that buy tickets for Broadway, likes to brag a little about "what separates us from the competition.

According to co-owner Rich Gladstone, "I find it hard to believe that most consumers that purchase tickets for Broadway Shows like Wicked, Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia!, The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago and so many other popular shows often seem confused about how to get solid information and good prices for Broadway". Gladstone further goes on to say "the public doesn't really know where to turn for getting solid information on Broadway tickets, especially where to sit in the theater for the best price. In addition, Gladstone says "ticket brokers set up their websites so consumers will click on a set of tickets and buy something, which unfortunately removes the element of service".

For those folks that want service, Gladstone suggests contacting ticket brokers that go out of their way to "make it easy to call and talk about Broadway show tickets. At , Gladstone says "service is the only thing that keeps our company in a leadership position in the ticket selling end of the business. You can note that the very large on line ticket sellers are even talking about eliminating their "service charge". Gladstone believes anyone eliminating their service charge clearly doesn't think they are given service to the public and therefore isn't entitled to collect a service charge when selling tickets for Broadway, concerts or family events. Furthermore Mr. Gladstone believes that :the large on-line ticket services are simply disguising their prices and most likely including their service charges in the retail price consumers click on to make a purchase.

It is hard to get noticed today when you consider the hundreds of ticket companies all offering similar services. markets itself as a "local Broadway show ticket expert". One that is not in business for the quick sale but for the lifetime possibility of being able to service consumers and their family and friends for many years to come. has a great web site that features every Broadway Show playing and accurately updates show ticket information on a daily basis. The company prides itself on offering personal service with a "price match guarantee" that can't be beat by any licensed ticket agency in the country. "Just call and ask and you'll see how excellent our ticket service really is" says Gladstone.

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