Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will The Addams Family Survive Without Nathan Lane

For those of you who read today's blog on last week's grosses you probably noticed that there was one show who had a major drop from the week before. That show was The Addams Family. Now as I said a lot of shows tend to drop off once the kids head back to school. No big surprise there. It happens every year. However last week Nathan Lane was on vacation and the show went down over 15% from the week before with a difference of over a half a million dollars in sales. Now I'm not saying that the show will close as soon as he leaves.

It's quite possible that if they find a worthwhile replacement the show could run for quite awhile. However for a show that got poor reviews I wonder if his departure will cause the show to have a shorter life then what most people expected. Now while I loved the show I'll admit that without Nathan Lane it might be a difficult show to sell down the line. I could be wrong. In fact I hope I am. The Addams Family is one of the few musical comedies playing on Broadway. It would be a shame if it closed just because one cast member leaves the show. We shall see. Until next time theater fans.

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