Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disney And Broadway:A Winning Combination

Now before you think I've lost my mind I haven't. Those of you who have read my blogs in the past know I'm not a big fan of Disney being on Broadway. Therefore the very idea of me blogging about them must sound crazy right? Well to be honest although I didn't care for The Lion King I do think it has it's place.

I mean let's face it if it weren't for the folks over at Disney Theatricals most kids might not experience live theatre for the first time. For that they should be commended. Having said that I do believe that they could be a little more selective when it comes to choosing shows to produce. There is nothing that says that they have to stick to the same formula of transferring their movie musicals to the stage.

Your Disney for crying out loud. You have produced hundreds of successful movies that were not animated musicals. You would think they could come up with an original idea. Trust me. I won't lose any sleep waiting for that to happen. Regardless of what the future brings there is no doubt that Disney will continue to be a presence on the Great White Way for years to come. Not even I can control that. Until next time theatre fans.

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