Monday, April 13, 2020

A Day In The Life Of A Ticket Broker

As most of you know, last night NBC presented the encore presentation of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Jesus Christ Superstar. The production, which first aired in 2018, starred EGOT winner John Legend as Jesus, and Broadway veteran Brandon Victor Dixon as Judas, and went on to win five Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Variety Special. Now even though I watched it during it's original airing two years ago, I decided to watch it again last night. I mean it wasn't like I could go out to a movie, or dare I say a Broadway show.

It's now been almost four weeks since our city has been shut down, and almost five weeks since Broadway last performed. The truth is, we don't know when our city will be back to normal again. It could be months before we will be able to eat in our favorite restaurants again, or have a beer or two with our friends at the local neighborhood bar, or even just take a walk thru Central Park, or go shopping on 5th Avenue. It's times like these, that make us realize that we take things like that for granted, now that we can't do them anymore. I thought about that a lot when I was watching Jesus Christ Superstar last night. 

Since 1992, I have been lucky enough to live and work in the greatest city in the world. New York City. I have seen hundreds of amazing shows, visited some of the world's greatest museums and monuments, and lived in some of the city's most diverse and unique neighborhoods in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. I am truly blessed. Look, we all know that this pandemic is not going to last forever. Before long, we will all be gathered together again watching a Broadway show, or rooting for our favorite team, or even just sitting in the park listening to a symphony. And before long, our city, and it's people will be even stronger than ever. Stay safe everyone, and don't forget to look out for each other. Until next time theatre fans.

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