Saturday, April 04, 2020

Today In Theatre History

April 4, 2013. Know what happened on that date? Well, if you are a theatre nerd like me, then you probably guessed that a Broadway show opened on that date. You would be right. During the 2012-2013 season, eight new musicals opened on Broadway. Out of the eight, I would consider two very successful, Matilda and Motown, and two semi-successful, Bring It On, and A Christmas Story.

However only one become a huge hit, win the Tony Award for Best Musical of the Year, and of course went on to become the subject of today's blog. That's right, I am talking about Kinky Boots. Now believe it or not, but I never saw the show. At least not live. Then the coronavirus happened, and not only have I seen it, but I have also been able to see many Broadway and West End productions.

What a way to pass the time until things get back to normal huh? Although if I'm being honest, I would trade all this downtime to be able to go back to work again. Oh and of course be able to watch a Broadway or Off-Broadway show that doesn't involve a big screen or a computer. I'm sure we all wish that right about now. Until next time theatre fans.

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